Doom Beta Constriction

doomAnybody with hopes of having  the pleasure of experiencing the long awaited Doom beta for Xbox 360 or PS3 can go fuck themselves.  At least that’s pretty much the word Bethesda is putting out on the streets.

The creators of long standing  series such as Elder Scrolls and Fallout have released a bit of information about their next project that is sure to make you cry in agony.  I’m talking about Wolfenstein: The New Order and it’s exciting yet saddening promotional offer.  The newest installation in a long standing line of games in the series,  is promised to come packaged with the Doom beta at launch. The devastating console constriction of the beta offer, requires you to own a current-gen console, though does not require you to buy it for said console.

Any excitement that I had for the new installment of the Wolfenstein franchise has been obliterated simply because of this. Wolfenstein: The New Order’s current release date is June 20th, but the beta is nearly off the grid in terms of release.


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