Where will it end? KISS ISSUES


Ace, and particularly Peter, felt powerless and impotent when faced with the tireless focus, drive and ambition of me and Gene,” Stanley writes. “As a result, the two of them tried to sabotage the band — which, as they saw it, was unfairly manipulated by [us] money-grubbing Jews.”

A segment taken from KISS energetic guitarist, frontman and co-founder Paul Stanley’s writings in his new autobiography, “Face The Music: A Life Exposed”.  KISS has always had their share of problems, this much is known.  But these accusations against 2 of the 4 co-founders is slightly hard to believe no matter how you slice it.  It’s true, Peter Criss, the original Catman and former drummer for, “The Hottest Band in the Land” and Ace Frehley, original Spaceman and former lead guitarist had more than their share of hiccups in their time with the band and were the predominant outcasts of the four.

I’m sure they’ve had their bouts with the two overwhelming, “money grubbing Jews.” as Paul puts words into their mouths.  But there’s always two sides to the story(or in this case four). And Ace, for as long as he’s been sober (7 years March 15th, 2014), has always been straight about his time with the band.  He’s admitted to missing repetitive practices. Getting into arguments with the band and even being so drunk that he forgot  where he was half the time while the band supported him and quickly found a fill-in until the Spaceman  could get back on his feet. Peter wasn’t much different either.  My question is, if either of them spoke that religious slur that Paul mentioned. Was that one comment spoken by either or both of the ex-members in the heat of the moment over a disagreement? Is it anti-Semitic if someone’s feelings are hurt and you say something not meaning of even believing in it just because you weren’t thinking?


All four members will be inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame on April 10th, two of them just won’t be wearing make up. Oh and I should probably mention that KISS will not perform. Bummer.

I’m sure both former members actions and words could be explained. I just don’t know if Paul will give them a chance to explain.  As of right now Paul is fighting Peter over, what I would mock and call a custody battle over the bands biggest hit, ‘Beth’ in court.  Supposedly the song was written my neither of the two, so I can’t see it ending soon.


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