A Wild MOBA Has Appeard

Most of us have had our experiences with MOBA games. Good and bad. DotA, League of Legends, DotA 2, Smite and now the newest of the genre, “Dawngate” has been released by EA and developer Waystone Games to try their hand at this once uncommon to recently crowded genre of MMO’s. It’s just what you would expect from a MOBA.

Like League of Legends it has Loadouts, similar to rune pages. The runes are called Sparks and you can organize the Spirit Stones, which is what you place your Sparks in, as you see fit. Again, like LoL, these Sparks are color based and will grant you bonuses if you fit all specific colored Sparks into a Spirit Stone.

The different champions are known as Shapers. The whole game seems similar to Leagues other than the terminology and the fact that you can buy new announcers.  The store is called The Collection, Destiny is your IP , turrets are referred to as Bindings and there’s really not too much else that I’ve noticed.  There are a few more differences, but I’d rather you check them out for yourself.

Download Dawngate Beta


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