Death Metal Embolism


So I took a day of writing off yesterday and went to my buddy Mitchell’s house to play some COD: MW3 because I’ve been sick of staring at these same four walls for however long (haven’t had the means or motivation to go out and do something fun).  Seemed healthy after the past few days I’ve been writing. But today, I saw something that made me instantly open up WordPress and start to write.  Joseph Butler wrote a song. A Death Metal song. He made a video for said song! This, apparently, was a project for one of his classes. He took the time to upload it to Youtube and somehow got a hold of it.

He was tasked with completing a project having to deal with Arterial Fibrillation and Stroking via blood clots. And he took it to another level.  I learned a few new interesting things during the video that Butler claims to have gotten good marks on.  Though thoroughly entertaining, it’s still hasn’t changed my views on Death Metal, but I guess to each his own.


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