Local Radio

Have any of you ever known a local band that’s always been around, but never quite made it?  I’m sitting here reading some article about how this idiot hates Game of Thrones and out of the blue I wonder. Why don’t they play local music on the radio anymore?

It’s not a novel concept, but it drives me batshit crazy the amount of ignorance these DJ’s have when it comes to music.  I mean on one hand, I get it. The radio station isn’t going to stay alive if you don’t play things people like. On the other hand, some of the music that people might like will never be played by a DJ, save for college DJ’s and such by their local college bands.  Meanwhile talented bands are doomed to playing bars and VFW’s until they fall apart and go their separate ways.

Sending demo’s in to stations doesn’t work anymore. I’ve even thought of buying a CB radio and playing local music over that, but playing out to a four mile radius wouldn’t do me much good.  I could try to become a Dj at one of the local stations, but idk how much control I’d have over the music.  Hell, I’d work at Power 99 and play trash like Lil Wayne and 2 Chains for a bit just to get the reference lol I want to help local music reach further than it’s ever reached before. But every idea I come up with seems to get squashed in front of my very eyes.  Thoughts?


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