Record Store Day

AHH! As the 7th Annual  Record Store Day approaches rapidly, I was more than happy to hear that Weathermaker Records will be participating in the event.  On April 19th, RSD will celebrate independent record stores all around the world. New releases in the form of cd’s as well as 7″ and 12″ Vinyl.

Weathermaker released this statement on Clutch’s,

“International Record Store Day has been an ever growing event over the last couple of years. This year the date falls on Saturday, April 19th. RSD celebrates independent record stores and many artists and record companies are gladly participating. We are thrilled to participate with an exclusive collector’s item that is limited and hand numbered. The 7” contains two brand new tracks by Clutch: Run, Jon Barleycorn, Run and Lionize: Ether Madness. Get your copy on April 19th and support your local independent.”

This comes as an excitement to me because I hold Clutch in a high regard as well as Lionize. I’m trying to find out what stores are participating (when I find out I’ll let you know). In the meantime, you can have fun with the List of Releases or download the list as a .pdf. Weathermaker and Lionize links are provide beneath this article.

Lionize Weathermaker Music


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