Coca-Cola and Armageddon


Clutch has easily become my favorite band for some time now because they do what they do so well, whether in studio or live. With that in mind, me freezing for a minute (with a giant smile creeping slowly up my face) when I saw this is less than I expected (jumping out of my seat laughing out of my ass about how great this is I mean).


Yes. One year after releasing Earthrocker, they’ve already started the pre-production of their new album!  In my uber-excitement, I questioned whether I should even pass this along as a story yet; but WordPress is as good a media to get it out there as any and I’d like to give everyone a heads up.

Now as I’m sitting here listening to Transnational Speedway League, I’m thinking back to all of the Clutch concerts I’ve been to (and I’ve been to many of them).  The extreme joy I felt banging my head as Neil sings Rock ‘n Roll Outlaw.  Singing about Weevil Wobbles shouldn’t bring so much joy to a person, but they made that possible. Put a group of them in a “Weevil Wobble Hard Rock gang”, make them criminals and repeat, “Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw” a number of times while acting like a drunken sailor on stage rocking with good music and viola.  You have Clutch.

Nobody can deny that seeing them live is a much different experience than listening to the recordings, but the recordings are never the less amazing whether studio or otherwise.  As excited as I am for this, it’s only pre-production so we have a ways to go before it’s released yet sadly(the albums not even titled). Though I can say, among the 10 albums that currently fill their library (and mine), not a single song off of any single album is any less than great. So it stands to reason this one should stay the trend.

Now since this was, is and always will be my favorite subject, you bet your ass I’ll be updating you whenever I find progress here. :p


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