Newest Sony Venture

Goodie alert!

Project Morpheus

Now I’m hoping this project is a huge success. So much so that they actually move forward into console development even.

Do you remember a long long Time ago, Nintendo developed and released a little something called Virtua Boy? A VR “console” (if you want to call it that) where you have to lie down face first on your stomach to play and get and repetitive head aches and migraines and (oh this is fun) sometimes even causes seizures to occur?

Now I’m trying as hard as I can to believe there will be an upgrade considering the large amount of time Virtual Reality has had to improve, but to be honest I’m not quite sure what to think.  I think about this console and all I have is bad thoughts about what it could be. Then again my mind could be completely blown once they release it. All in all it’s hard to picture something that most of the  general population, let alone you haven’t seen. VR Guitar Hero? or Crash Bandicoot 3d?  Maybe they’ll add Candy Crush for good measure.


I’m joking. Seriously this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in my lifetime. An add-on to the PS4, Project Morpheus looks awesome (and I’m not just talking about the sweet visor).  With Morpheus, the headset has a 360 view for full functionality. You can turn around, punch someone in the face, turn back around and keep walking. Imagine if they made Battletoads or Counter-Strike for this thing? As with the game design, the capability of this thing would be nuts. I could only imagine a re-release of Alice in Wonderland in VR. Play through Full-Metal-Jacket as one of the main characters.  There’s not too much else to it. You can see a little of what  it’s like in the video beneath this.


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