Sadly a Heap

Where to start, where to start?  Iridium Studios has released a statement about “There came an echo , their “new RTS has just released a statement (which you can read here) confirming it’s release for the PS4 (Xbox One and PC releases have already been announced).  So what makes this game different from any other RTS game?  Well, in JasonWishnov’s words (Lead Designer, Iridium Studios) it’s,a voice-controlled squad-based real-time strategy game.”  Okay, sounds like an interesting concept for a game right?  I mean the PS4 and Xbox One both have voice recognition systems and to have them involved in a small part of the game you’re playing seems reasonable no?  

  Now granted, I’m reading about this game and seeing this trailer for the first time, but it seems like a flop in production.  Again, via Jason Wishnov, You don’t play directly as the soldiers in the field, but rather as the tactical commander, issuing strategic orders via headset.”  If I’m understanding this correctly, you can’t manually move your characters with the OS voice-commands, but the game allows for manual control instead of voice control and if you could manually move your characters with the voice-rec, how would you do so?  It looks AND sounds a tad like a Halo Wars.  It sounds a little confusing and the graphics are something you would expect from a Sims game to boot.  So now that I know that I can’t manually move my team with voice-rec, am I able move them with the controller at all?   Now obviously this is the first trailer and I’m sure they have plenty of kinks to work out before release (date hasn’t been announced yet), but I got excited when I read voice-controlled RTS.  After reading the rest of the article and watching the trailer, it looks like just another heap of garbage to sell stupid consumers.  I hope I’m wrong, but for what it’s worth, this game doesn’t look like it’s going to be worth the $60+ bucks you’d be shelling out for it.

Iridium Studios, Jason Wishnov’s Article

Shacknews Article

Skribbety Post Facebook


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