Today is like a consistant Cycle of Garbage

Ever read a book titled 50 Shades of Grey? You know the one. It gets mentioned almost every day in your life by some random person (and the usually same person doesn’t ever bring it up more than once) and the most odd and awkward times? It’s the one about a rich guy who’s into BDSM and whatever else.  I’ll be honest I’ve never read it, but I almost tried to.  Got cold feet telling myself if I ever tried to read that thing I’d murder myself simply for the extreme lack of taste the woman who wrote it brought into the world.  If you want a full and competent review of the story, you’ll find it in the links below.  The reason I wrote about this disgusting piece of shit is because some guy got bored and decided he would try to sing the text with Death Metal vocals.  His name is Shabbir Manjee, and he did a pretty damn good job (reminds me of Dethklok).  You almost forget the story is a disgusting piece of garbage and reading it should be cause for corporal punishment.

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