Endless Sacrifice Has Grown



Nick Bozelli’s  finesse and drumming technicality.

Mike “Lambchop” Lamplugh’s intricate fretting,  picking and monstrous screams & beastly growling.  

Doug Goldspiel’s emphatic yet powerful vocals.  

Alex Kush’s heavy/funky rhythm’s.

Brandon Uron’s straight funky bassline’s.


The Alternative/Hard Rock band Endless Sacrifice is looking to make a name for themselves and seem to have already started to if I’m not mistaken. First, with the construction of Gregapalooza, which got it’s start as more of a backyard party than the ever-growing music festival that we know it to be now.


“Gregapalooza is a charity festival run the the non profit SOUNDWAVE. Soundwave raises money for youth music education. They provide free workshops for kids to attend, shows for the community to take part in and supplies scholarships to kids to be part of big community music programs.” [Gregapalooza]

On Saturday, June 21st, the 5th Annual Gregapalooza will take place.  2 stages will be built for the countless bands that perform the show, food vendors will be there and everything from promo tables to henna tables will be setup for everyone to visit  so they can have a good time.  All fun and all for a good cause.  In previous years, they did festivals where the proceeds went to  the Camden County Animal Shelter.


Now with Soundwave Inc. which is, what I can only assume would be a promoting “company”.

Provide a safe place for our youth to go after school and at night to express themselves through music and learn fundamental knowledge of the music industry. We can be the catalyst to grow our community through music and arts. [Soudwave]


Currently, a local South Jersey band; a band that’s been growing over time playing with bands from TrustCompany to Chiodos to Black Veil Brides is lined up to play with Escape the Fate at Lancaster PA’s The Chameleon Club on May 2nd.


Gregapalooza Sponsor Sites

PostNet Nj121

DinoEnterprise LLC

Adventure Aquarium

Dream Come True Vacations

Endless Sacrifice Contact Links

ES Warped Tour Vote

ES Facebook

ES Twitter


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