Vai Academy – Song Evolution Camp

Multi-Platinum, three-time Grammy award winning composer, producer and guitar legend, Steve Vai, is hosting an event for “4 days & nights of music process, start to finish”.  4 days and nights of nonstop music and workshops for players of all instruments and all skill levels featuring guest artists Guthrie Govan, Vernon Reid, and Jeff “Skunk” Baxter.  I have to admit, it would be an exciting experience to learn a thing or two from the artistic visionary Vai has become.  Sadly yet understandably, registration is limited to 150 to assure an intimate and  immersive experience.



“I like to bring something different to the table. That’s the idea behind this Vai Academy ‘Song Evolution’ Program. You’ll enjoy a unique experience if you join us this summer. Although there will be a lot of guitar playing, this camp focuses on all aspects of creating your music, getting it into the world and launching your career.

“I do a lot of meet and greets, classes, and interviews, and the same questions always come up. Through the years, I’ve come to understand what most musicians really want. They want to know how to write a song, how to record it, how to get it out into the world, and how to tour. That’s what you’re going to learn at Vai Academy ‘Song Evolution’ Camp.

“First, we’ll actually write a song together. I’ll show you some of the various ways it can be done. We’ll talk about channeling inspiration and then architecting an ensemble to capture it. So, we’re going to formulate a song on day one and create a demo. We will also look at the importance of understanding the business side of owning a song and protecting it by starting your own publishing company and registering your song.

“On the next day, we’re going to record it. We’ll take the demo we came up with and put it to tape. We’ll go through the process of being a producer on the song by creating appropriate parts, layering, and learning what to listen for to get the most powerful result. We will also get into detail on how to capture sound and what to listen for as a recording engineer reviewing various mixing techniques, EQ, and instrument placement. And then we’ll actually mix the song. There will be discussions on how to most effectively decorate the audio real estate. We’ll demystify the mastering process as well. We’re going to make sure that song we wrote sounds great and is finished!

“On the third day we’ll cover the process of bringing your song to the public through virtually all of the digital stores around the world – everything from coming up with a .PDF booklet to opening an account with an aggregate and distributing your work. After that, we’ll host a class devoted to the various ways to market your music in today’s evolving technology.

“The word ‘evolution’ has been very important to me throughout my career. We are all constantly evolving in every way, and in this class I would like to illustrate the evolution of a song from its inception to its life in the world and how this can affect the evolution of a musician’s career and independence. This is truly a comprehensive overview of the vital elements in any artist’s career. This class educates artists, allowing them to gain valuable understanding through first-hand experience.

“This is the entire manual for being an independent musician condensed into three days. Welcome to Vai Academy.”


Standard Room, Double-Occupancy , 1 Bed – $1,899

* Registration for two required. Pricing will reflect this during registration.

Suite, Double-Occupancy, 1 Bed 1 Pullout – $1,899

* Roommate can be named during registration or will be assigned by Dreamcatcher Events based upon gender and age.

Standard Room, Single-Occupancy, 1 Bed – $2,999


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