It’s Time to Dye

Image Credited to:  Erick Pratt


So Easter’s afoot and you may be wondering how to make it more fun for your children than having the same old annual family reunion at your grandparents house. Well, you can do any number of things and many more to make this Metal Holiday more metal, just… not this.

Ansel Wallenfang, Writer/Director posted a Youtube video which seemed to offer a more… Heavy Metal side to Easter. The video was an ad for a Black Metal Easter Egg Kit called, “It’s Time to Dye”. Wallenfang co-wrote the music alongside Oddgrim Doomhammer (Brian Weber). As sad as it is to hear, the commercial/video was only for fun and it’s doubtful that they’ll release anything like this. But we can dream can’t we?

Aside from the hysterical Egg Metalizer video, he has a few other video’s on his website which you can check out below.


Ansel Wallenfang


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