Steam Controller

Valve is releasing a new controller for it’s Digital Distribution,  Digital Rights Management, Multi-Player, and Communications Platform Steam On the PC in Q4 of 2014.  

Though it’s nice to hear that I could be picking up a new remote for my comp, they controllers design leave me with a feel of unease.  I’m okay with the buttons instead of a D-Pad, but why do they have to mess with the sticks?  It looks like I’m gong to be playing with a damn Trackpad!  I for one can’t express my hate for trackpad’s enough and I doubt too many people will blame me for that.  There’ is a button looking plastic covered Steam symbol in the middle of the controller, but I’m not sure if that’s to bring up the Steam tabs in game, or if it’s just the logo like the Original Xbox controller had.  All in all, it looks interesting.






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