A Sadness You Have to Cope With

I’m not too thrilled about sharing what I just read about one of my all-time favorite guitarists, but it’s out there and I needed some Blues news in my daily writings.

The 88 year old guitar legend,  B.B. King, has issued a statement apologizing to his fans at a St. Louis, Missouri concert he ‘played’ on April 4th at the Peabody Opera House.  King claims to have forgotten to take his medication which seems to have forgotten his medication.  Here’s a statement from his publicist,

“B.B. King and his management have become aware of some criticism expressed following his performance at the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis, MO on April 4.


This performance was Mr. King’s first after a 4 week off time period — and was also preceded by 24-hour/1,600 mile bus trip to Saint Louis from his home in Las Vegas.

To complicate matters further, Mr. King (who is 88 years old) suffers from diabetes — and he mistakenly missed a dose of his prescribed medication on the show day.

The combination of the rigors of the very long drive and high blood sugar due to his medication error resulted in a performance that did not match Mr. King’s usual standard of excellence.

Simply put, it was a bad night for one of America’s living blues legends – and Mr. King apologizes and humbly asks for the understanding of his fans.”

[Via] St. Louis Post-Dispatch

I’m Still waiting for the big man to come to Atlantic City, hopefully medicated.  But in the meantime, all that we can do is speculate and hope this never happens again.  Here’s some footage of the performance.







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