Fatal Frame V Announced for the Wii-U

It was announced yesterday, April 21st, 2014, that Nintendo and Tecmo Koei have been working in conjunction to develop a new Fatal Frame for the Wii-U.

Now we never got to see the Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly remake  here in North America (or Project Zero 2 as it’s called in Japan) for the Wii.  Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse also never came to light in North America.  Not that I’ve played any of the former games in the series, but this announcement has me intrigued. So what makes me so excited about this game? This is something that I may actually have fun with on the Wii-U (assuming it’s released in North America).

 So we got cheated out of what, from what I’m reading, seems like some pretty good games, but that’s what the gaming industry does best right?  Releasin amazing games locally just to deny overseas shipping..  I’m still waiting for them to release the whole Mother series in North America (not that it’s ever going to happen).

[Via] Gematsu







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