Origin Presents :)

Most of the gamers who actually know what they’re doing (or think they do) have already committed themselves to Steam years ago. As it stands right now, that’s not changing any time soon. Even with EA’s new(ish)little program.

If you were not aware of Origin before reading this, I suggest you go check it out.  Origin is EA’s Digital Distribution Service, quite similar to Steam in a lot of ways and on either service you can pretty much download the same games unless it’s tethered to the certain service as Counter-Strike is to Steam or Dawngate is to Origin.

Origin has added a new section to their store called, “On The House”.  The concept of On The House is pretty simple.  Every once in a while they will put a free game up for download.  Not tricks, catches nothing. It is completely free.  All that they ask is that you make Origin your home gaming platform.  The funny part is, you can download the program, make an account, download the free game and never use the service again if you don’t want. So they’re essentially giving games away in hopes it’ll attract more Origin users.











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