Redeemer of Souls = Pull Out Your Wallets

Hey! Hey! You! Hey! JUDAS PRIEST FAN! Over here! Yeah you! Just a little while longer until you can bathe in the greatness of destructive godliness again!

Redeemer of Souls is their first single off of the new album as well as the title song. Six years Priest Fans have been waiting and the day has finally come.  But my excitement has subsided until I get the album in my hands and listen to it all.

Everything’s there except for Halford.  The solo’s could use work too, but it’s more Rob’s voice than anything.  Shit, if this were even 10 years ago that song would probably rip peoples arses to shreds, but his range isn’t what it used to be and it saddens me too deeply for words after hearing this song, but at least he knows it [unlike Paul Stanley who tries to hit the notes he used to be able to hit…  15 years ago].  Think what you will, it doesn’t seem like their idea of what the music should sound like has changed much since the started which is great after seeing countless other bands fall to what’s “Trending“.

“We are revved up and ready to UNLEASH the PRIEST one more time for our metal fans around the world – so here’s a track for you to listen to entitled ‘Redeemer of Souls’ from our new album of the same title,” [Via]

The album is due in the US on the 15th of July and UK the 14th of July this year so hold on to your panties folks, we’ve got a few more months of waiting.





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