Testament family not as close as you’d think

It’s a sad thing to hear when you hear it. One of the original members of one of the only bands you listen to anymore leaves for any reason.  But we’ve all seen it at one time or another.  This time, it’s Greg Christian, now former bassist of Testament’s turn to pack up and start anew.

After 8 albums stemming back from 1987’s The Legacy to 2012’s Dark Roots of the Earth, he’s gone and from the way he tells it, I can understand why.

Quoted from Blabbermouth

“Wow. I made a post saying thanks for the [birthday] wishes / I’m having a tough time / I feel dehumanized by the band, and it’s now all over everything. I honestly had no idea anyone cared. Now I’m getting ripped on left and right.

He added: “The bottom line is after all the history and touring — once the band got to a point of turning a serious profit — it was made perfectly clear to me that I was never going to share in any of it and never get anything beyond a day rate, that never went up once in 8 1/2 years, while I watched everything else get bigger and grander every step of the way. And if anyone wants to rip on me for feeling dehumanized by that, I don’t care — they’re entitled to their opinion. But so am I. And my opinion is — it sucks to be poor and famous.”

Obviously that’s not a very good work environment or train of thought for anybody.  100percentrock.com interviewed the Testament frontman Chuck Billy for his point of view

“Well, I think Greg, he informed us that he wasn’t going to be participating on the new record release and that was his last tour with us. We knew we had Australia coming up, so, of course, Steve DiGiorgio was probably one of the first ones to come to mind. He did ‘The Gathering’ record with us and we enjoyed that whole cycle of touring, so he was definitely, probably, our first choice. We didn’t want to go through auditions and do all that. We just knew that he was here, and he could do it, and it was killer.”

Asked if there was a particular reason that Greg just had enough of it, Billy replied: “Well, I think that the last tour he just wasn’t getting along, and he just decided that that was going to be the last tour with us, so we just kind of said, ‘Well, okay. I guess we’ll have to maybe look for what’s coming up in the future.’ You know — there’s nothing we can do.”

So they’re going their separate ways and I wish Greg the best, and hope he finds something worth while. It’s a shame that they weren’t willing to compensate him for bringing them what he did, but that’s the business of rock ‘n roll and I hate the business almost as much as I love the music.





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