The wMMR*B*Q

So I went to MMRbq last night and got there a little late. The Jim Breuer Band was just getting off stage when actually got there (I was waiting for my mom and her boyfriend at the front gate because my phone was dead), but I got to see The Dropkick Murphys, Fuel, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience and Volbeat who were all amazing. Yes, I missed John the Conquerer, The Redlight Kings, Rob Zombie and Peter Criss. But in my defense I had a massive sinus headache and one of my back molars was hurting extremely badly. To top that, I forgot my wallet, so I couldn’t even by beer at the show! Luckily I drank and smoked before hand, but I wasn’t able to enjoy it because of the pain.

I did however get to Enjoy James Dylan on vocals for The Led Zeppelin Experience. The man sounded EXACTLY like Robert Plant and if you ask anybody who was there, they’ll tell you the same. Volbeat gave a shout out to Elvis and Johnny Cash (more so, American Rock ‘n Roll all). They covered Sad Man’s Tongue and Ring of fire.

Hopefully those who went to the concert last night had more fun than I did. Here’s a bit of Zombie and Peter Criss from last night courtesy of Youtube.


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