“Microsoft will launch a lower-cost version of its Xbox One video game console next month that drops the Kinect motion and voice sensor.” Says USAToday’s Brett Molina. Starting June 9th, you will be able to pick up on of these bad boys for $399. This gives more options to those who either may already have a Kinect (I have two) or just can’t afford the $499 price tag.

Along with the less-expensive console, Microsoft announced Xbox apps such as Netflix, Hulu and ESPN will be available to all Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. Previously, access to apps required users to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, which costs $60 a year. Microsoft will add the Games With Gold service to Xbox One next month as well. The service will provide access to free games for Xbox One users. {USAToday}

The console not entering the market and the rivaled PS4’s price of $399 to begin with couldn’t have helped sales.  To be honest I don’t know what to make of Microsoft’s decisions at this point. We’ll just have to stand back and watch what they do.






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