Some idiots on their high horse decided they have a problem with front facing camera phones, or just feel bad about having no friends; so they want to eliminate video chats; or that’s what someone for some reason wants us to believe. I went digging to find out if what I’ve been reading all over Facebook has any validity to it whatsoever.  It can only find ways to prove this invalid.

Thanks to The Adobo Chronicles, the utterly fake news website with the motto, The Best Source of Unbelievable News *Up-to-date *Informative *Reliable *Entertaining – people have been believing this and freaking out about this.

Adobo Chronicles is the 4chan of news websites and they tout as much.  Trolls who talk in hopes of stirring up controversy. Making jokes about the NFL’s  St. Louis Rams 8th to last pick in the draft, Michael Sam’s sexual orientation as well as Roy Mayweather Jr. and Justin Bieber giving money to a Selfitis research lab.


Roy Mayweather does not give away money. But at least he admits that he’s an asshole all day.  Bieber tries to hide that fact.





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