Yet Another CoD

Getting tired of Call of Duty: Ghosts yet? The new maps, the new modes, and voice packs (Snoop Dogg DLC) don’t give you much time to catch your breath. But neither does Sledgehammer Games or Activision. They are releasing the next installment in the series; 364 days apart from each other (Ghosts was released on November 5, 2013 – Advanced Warfare is slated to hit the market on November 4, 2014) less than 6 months from now.

The guys at GameInformer sat down and had a chat with the newest sole CoD developer.

Co-founder Michael Condrey says, “we’re really looking forward to sharing more because we think we have some meaningful way to make this franchise feel like it’s got its Sledgehammer mark on it.” to which fellow co-founder Glen Schofield added, “We approached this like we would any new IP. I mean, this has been one heck of a creative challenge. I mean, everything is brand new in the game,” (CoD: Advanced Warfare) “some pretty big experiments to the core mechanics that’ll effect multiplayer and every mode of the game.”

I know that fans such as myself tend to worry when we hear about a new installment of what’s been known to be nothing but an epic franchise, but Lead Designer Aaron Halon wants to reassure us,

“Don’t worry about it,” he responded. “I mean, look, again, we’re fans. We’re really scrutinizing what we’re doing ourselves and can’t wait to show the stuff off.”

The duo worked on several notable games with Visceral Games (The Dead Space franchise, Gex, The Simpsons game, The Lord of the rings franchise etc.) and co-developed CoD: Modern Warfare 3 alongside Infinity Ward.

Harry Gregson-Williamson (Metal Gear Solid series composer) will be writing music for the new game.

You can check out the full interview at GameInformer HERE





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