Local Sunday!

New weekly installment!

Every Sunday I’ll choose a local band from my area, write a review and hopefully get some interviews going!

Lead Guitarist/Singer Mike Hunsicker – Guitarist Keith Windel – Bassist Rob Kass – Drummer Dave Von Grothaus.

These names are the soul of Shattered Sanctity. Hailing from Atco/Mt. Holly, New Jersey, is the New Wave of American Power Metal that is showing the locals why Power Metal should not be forgotten.

I got a hold of frontman Mike Hunsicker for a brief interview.

SkribbetyPost: I know you guys have been together for a while. When did you form and how?

Mike: We formed back in high school. I think I was a junior back then. I had gotten kicked out of my first band (which was pop punk, I really wanted to play in a band so I didn’t care about the genre), and I decided I wanted to form a band that plays my favorite style of music, which is metal with melodic vocals and ripping guitar solos. I got a few of my closest friends at the time and we formed Shattered Sanctity and wrote Eyes of the Warrior and Everlasting Hell.

SkribbetyPost: I still have the demo hah It’s been quite a while though. Most bands would’ve broken up or gone their seperate ways by now. What keeps you guys together?

Mike: well, we’ve had 3 lineups so far, and I guess each time a lineup would break up, I didn’t want to just stop playing shows and writing music, so I’d try to find people to play with. This lineup is the best we’ve ever had though because everyone has the same vision for the band. We all get along fine and we critique each other’s ideas, but in the end we sill make sure the end product is a Shattered Sanctity song with all of our trademarks.

SkribbetyPost: And the current line up has been together for

Mike: It’ll be 3 years in August. This is the longest period of time we’ve had a stable lineup by far.

SkribbetyPost: That’s good to hear. Is there any side projects within the band?

Mike: Nope. This is everyone’s only band.

SkribbetyPost: You said not too long ago that your playing and your vocals have improved while you were away. Calling your newest stuff, “crushing” Any plans on recording any time soon?

Mike: Hopefully. We found the studio that we’re gonna be recording at, its just a matter of getting the funds to pay for it together. We’re hoping to record a full length starting in December.

SkribbetyPost: What studio are you guys planning on recording at and where is it?

Mike: Atrium Studios in PA. Mike DeMaria and Chris Kelly from Alustrium are gonna be engineering it, and it also happens to be the studio where August Burns Red recorded their last album.

SkribbetyPost: Awesome! and your two newest songs, “Mirror, Mirror” and “The Dark Descent” Can you tell me anything about them?

Mike: They’re much heavier than our previous material and they’re more dynamic and structured, I think. The Dark Descent has some pretty cool dueling solos and a harmony in the middle, which is something we’re trying to do more of. Mirror Mirror is more reminiscent of Amon Amarth. Its more straightforward but it has a pretty difficult guitar solo and a hybrid picked clean passage which I think is pretty cool. I love how that part sounds.

SkribbetyPost: It sounds pretty sick. Anyone working with new equipment at all? Pedals instruments?

Mike: not really, our gear has been pretty much the same. I’m perfectly happy with my rig, though i might be getting a pedalboard soon. We’re trying to get keith a tube head so our sound is more full though. Once that happens we should sounds a lot better live.

SkribbetyPost: Well I think that’s about it. Thanks again for the interview and good luck with the new album.

If you’d like to take a listen to their previous work, you can head on over to their Facebook page and send them a like while you’re at it!


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