A Huge Gregapalooza Thanks From Skribbety Post

I want to thank everyone who came out to Gregapalooza in support of afters-chool music programs and the local music scene. I also want to thank Felicia Fagnani and SoundWave Inc., the vendors, stage sponsors and all of the bands for showing your support to the community! I may sound like a skipping record, but still. Without all of you, none of this would have been possible. If I’m missing anyone, I apologize. There’s a huge roster of bands, vendors and sponsors, but I tried to get everybody!!!

From me to you. From you to you. From the kids to you.




Endless Sacrifice
Shattered Sanctity
In The Presence Of Wolves
Me Versus I
Tides of Deception
The Artwork Of
Lessons Learned
Baked Goods
Tony Desimone
Far Beyond The Sunrise
Tie Goes To The Runner
Every Minute Can Kill
The Wayside Shakeup
Hail To The Thief
Andrew Rivenbark
Within Without
Dreadful Recognition
Myself In Mirrors
Sincerely, The Alchemist
Heroes in Error
Breaking Tradition
Man On a Mountain
Nalanl & Sarina
The secondside
A Change of Plans
Despite My Pride
Dance Incorporated


SoundWave Inc.
The Law Offices of Lynda L. Hinkle
Adventure Aquarium
Dino Enterprises
Dream Come True Vacations
PostNet NJ121 of Sicklerville
Jumpzone Shows
Pulsar Technology Solutions


Little House Booking
Lakeside Recovery Center
Lauren’s Therapeutic Massage
Lisey’s Creations


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