Formula 1 Technology Is Being Used To Make Better Surgeons

I’m going to pass out. This is the last one for tonight.


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There was plenty of drama at the Monaco Grand Prix last Sunday with driver Nico Rosberg of Mercedes taking first place from teammate Lewis Hamilton late in the race. But there’s always plenty of action off the track too as race engineers analyze and transmit data to teams before and during any race.

McLaren, based in Woking, UK, is one of the biggest names in F1 but is now using their know-how in real-time data to help surgeons. Dr. Caroline Hargrove came to McLaren 18 years ago and is now Technical Director of McLaren Applied Technologies (or MAT), a subsidiary of the McLaren Technology Group.

Hargrove explains that 100s of sensors go into F1 race cars and stream torrents of live data to engineers far away in Woking, helping them make real-time decisions to optimize race strategy. But MAT is now applying this expertise to surgery –…

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