Way to the Top

Warped '15

Soundwave Inc’s Endless Sacrifice have entered another Warped Tour BoTB and so far, all things are looking good. With the current buzz rating of 98.1% their only real competition is INVENTURE with a buzz of 98.6 and Nobody Yet with 98.9% (nobody below them has a higher rating than 97.1%).

Time’s almost up as Ernie Ball will announce the winner(s) contest in under 2 months, probably sooner (the tour starts June 17th and The Camden show is on July 10th), but a small increase in buzz (counting in even .1 – .4) would give them a big(ger) boost in consideration and would almost definitely mark their first of many shows in front of a large venue crowd.

I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of good bands vying for this show, but these guys are by far my personal favorites because they’re not only awesome people, but decided that they fit more into the Vigilante Hero Metal genre. Stop wondering why you’ve never heard of it (you already know the answer).

If you want to check them out, there’s a Click Me! link below that leads to their Warped Tour page and also houses the video for their new single titled Bliss Of Atlas off of the upcoming June 20th release, Down The Rabbit Hole . Check out their songs, comment and share with your friends.  You won’t be disappointed and It’ll make me smile 😀 #ESforWarped

Click Me!


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