Gregapalooza Addendum


Interest in Soundwave Inc’s Gregapalooza Music Festival are growing by the day. So much so that companies are lining up to do what they can to help. Buffalo Wild Wings is willing to donate %10 pre-taxed sales on June 20th from anybody who presents them with this fundraising ticket. So show this ticket while your ordering and smile knowing that you’ve donated to a good cause.


Soundwave Inc has also just announced that Gregapalooza 2015 will a food drive as well run by Feed Our Children Now.  They’re accepting cash and canned food donations and if you’ve got an old phone at home that’s not in use, but still serviceable, please don’t hesitate to donate that as well.


The show is FREE, so come to the show, hang our and maybe even have a damn good time.  I’ll be there, probably poking my head into places it doesn’t belong. Make sure to check out some of the tents and foods as well as a certain band (hint, hint) who is releasing their new album at the show (I wrote about it in my earlier article South Jersey’s Annual Present).

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