Mighty No. 9


Keiji Inafune, creator and developer of Onimusha, The Dead Rising series and the hit Rockman/Megaman series as well as working lead graphics on games like Street Fighter and Breath of Fire that, if compared side by side, overshadow even Pokemon, is pursuing new endeavors. As you might know, Capcom’s former Head of Production and founder of Comcept is developing a new game. One that, if you are at all familiar with the title Rockman/Megaman is no shock to see, but Inafune says, on a more detailed level, they’re completely different.

“If you actually break it down, in the character design or even what you’re able to do in the game, it’s very different from Mega Man games,” Inafune said. “People will look at the main character Beck and they will see—at least this is how I feel about it—my spirit, my core character design in him. If you really break it down on a detailed level, things like the color in the eyes, and the shape, there are things that are clearly set very apart from Mega Man as a character.” 

“But the average consumer or Mega Man fan takes one look and thinks that it’s Mega Man. From my perspective, being able to create a character that is in fact so different [but that gets such a response] shows that I really have put my soul in it. It’s a sign that I really have captured that essence of what makes my games “my games” in this new character, and that makes me really happy.”

Granted, the majority of us haven’t yet had the opportunity to play Mighty No. 9, but of what we’ve seen, the similarities are abundant.  Looking at the character design of Beck and watching gameplay footage, the art style is unmistakably Megaman-esque or Inafune-esque? Maybe, but that doesn’t explain the similarities plot as well as the enemies.


I can’t say I blame him, he put his he[art] and soul into Megaman.  Megaman is his baby whether he wants to admit it or not, but he is pretty much declining the Might No. 9 is even similar with no real reason!

I loved Megaman 20 years ago when I was just starting to form sentences and I’ll always hold the series close to my heart.  I, as well as many other long time Megaman fans, may just be looking for things that aren’t there, but they are there plain as day. Watch the video below and notice the bees from the opening level of Megaman X, the green guys with the shields, almost every enemy I’ve seen so far is taken from Megaman. Will anyone care come release? No, because we know one thing, the man knows how to give people what they want.

Mighty No.9 is slated to be released sometime between July and September 2015.


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