Warped Tour Ready

Holy shit. After the storm hit Tuesday, the only thing I was thinking was “When’s the damn power going to come back on?” For some it came on sooner then others, but it’s back!

Now I’m finding out the Endless Sacrifice was invited to play the Vans Warped Tour and I probably shit myself a little when I saw it. For a band of my friends to make it is a huge deal to me, considering it’s one of the only big tours to give local bands a shot.

For the longest time, the only place you could listen to their newest single, titled “Bliss Of Atlas”, was on the Battle of the Bands Warped Tour page, but the band told us, the fans, that once Bliss hits 1,000 listens, they would release the official video, so now you can find it on Youtube. Their new EP titled “Through The Rabbit Hole” is worth picking up. $10 and it comes with a comic book? Why the hell not?

You can contact them on Facebook if you want a copy (they’re usually responsive and friendly) or come out to a show and buy a copy.

ES bandcamp

ES Facebook

I know I’ve been all over the place on this, but I wrote it in a little more than 10 minutes (I just got my dog back) so I apologize for the shitty writing and editing.  The point is, these guys are like monsters and, much like Clutch, their recordings are enjoyable, but they’re a whole planet away when you see them. It’s that much better.  I really hope this gives them the juice to start doing, somehow, more then they already are.

You can get tickets to the Camden, NJ Warped Tour here. I hope to see everyone there. Please send whatever pictures you took to SkribbetyPost@gmail.com and I’ll put them on the post show WordPress :p


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