Join The Fight

Warped '15
Reboot copy
It seems like I’ve been writing about these guys almost every other article and in truth, I probably am; but if there’s a reason for, it can only be one thing. Dedication. The amount of dedication that Endless Sacrifice shows to their fans is amazing and the fanbase has only grown. Their fanbase is growing rapidly, with more then just your fans from the Tri-state area. With their Facebook amassing 3,082 likes and recently being invited to join the Vans Warped Tour, they’re hoping to make one hell of a splash this year.

One week until we step on to the ernie ball stage at warped. To say I am not only excited, but nervous is an understatement. I’m not nervous because I think we won’t play well. I’m nervous because I never want to let the people who have supported us down. I want to make sure wherever I go in life whether this is the top or not that I play my heart out for you all. I want to make sure you feel like I left everything and more on that stage. You deserve that and more. I love you all and all you have done for us. Thank you for being part of the es family and of course the ‪#‎esarmy‬. Now let us all go out there and show what this #esarmy is made of since I know we couldn’t and can’t do this without you. Douglas Goldspiel

I’m hoping to see everyone at Warped Tour this year dawning their masks and Endless Sacrifice Apparel

Grab your masks and looks for the symbol of our resistance

Our time is now!
GoodMaskHow many more people must die?


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