A New Megaman Cartoon?

Another Megaman cartoon? It only took them 20 or so years to realize how many people love Megaman before they actually did something about it and now I fear it’s a little too late. I fear for this cartoon more than I fear Trump ever becoming president!  Not only is Keiji Inafune not in the mix, but they fail to realize that halting Megaman games means an end to their preferred audience.  Sure, people in their mid twenties may watch it for nostalgia’s sake, but kids nowadays have barely any knowledge of who or what Megaman is/was.  I haven’t even gotten to the bad parts yet.

This reads straight from the Capcom website.

“The new animated Mega Man series will follow Aki Light – a normal, upbeat, and above all optimistic young school-aged robot living in Silicon City. He soon learns that deep within his programming are secret protocols that allow him to transform – giving him nanocore armor, a Mega Buster, and the iconic helmet to turn him into a superhero – Mega Man!”


Please make it stop!

“Promising exciting new technologies and new robots, the series will follow the adventures and trials of Aki Light – a.k.a. Mega Man – as he faces off against threats to Silicon City, while trying to keep his superhero identity a secret and maintain a normal robot schoolkid life.” 

This one hurts me the most.

“It’ll be a great way for newcomers and younger fans to meet Mega Man for the first time, and a treat for fans who grew up with the games, featuring the return of beloved characters like everyone’s favorite robot canine, Rush! Be sure to keep an eye out for the Blue Bomber’s animated adventures in 2017 – the same year as Mega Man’s 30th anniversary!” 

“It’ll be a great way for newcomers and younger fans to meet Mega Man for the first time, and a treat for fans who grew up with the games”  

Maybe, if Megaman’s name wasn’t Rock. Maybe if Megaman (for lack of a better word) evolved into X.  Maybe if Megaman grew special powers like a Pokemon learns new moves or a human grows pubes through puberty instead of absorbing them through defeating enemies, but he doesn’t. He finds them “deep within his programming“. Sorry to break it to you Capcom, but that’s not how Megaman works. It never has been and it never will be.

The art style is disgraceful, Megaman’s background is disgraceful, god only knows what Rush and Roll are going to look like (if they even decide to put her in there). If they do stick her in the show, will they strip her of her name too or will it just be Aki Light and Roll. Will they take away all of the music references that went into the games before? 

“We are very excited about the opportunity to introduce an all-new Mega Man to loyal fans and kids,” said Kinoshita, commenting on the deal.  “Having a celebrated character from Japan reimagined by Man Of Action is the ideal project for Dentsu Entertainment USA.”

Man of Action’s Rouleau said, “The 1990s Mega Man TV series was cool and different than other series targeted at kids during that time.  It featured great action, but also brought the laughs.  Mega Man is a character that is even more relevant for today’s kids and we are really looking forward to creating something new that still respects the long tradition of the character.”

Nobody wants a re-imagining of Megaman. Least of all loyal fans, like myself.  Megaman’s been a part of my life since I was in diapers. Now, 20+ years later someone wants to ruin the childhoods of the many that grew up with him. The saddest part of it all is that I’m sure they’ll succeed too.

Even if Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10, Big Hero 6) is writing and producing it, that doesn’t make me feel much better. I will watch the first few episodes, but I’m extremely nervous about them.  But this is old news, I’m just here to rant about what the fine people who read Skribbety Post may not know yet. I’m sure I’ll rant about it later when there’s more info, but that’s all I’ve got for now.  

The Mega Man franchise is grounded in a series of video games, first launched in 1987, featuring battles fought by the eponymous blue robot protagonist and an ongoing cast of allies and enemies.  The Mega Man multiverse has spawned over 130 video games on multiple gaming systems, selling over 30 million copies worldwide, as well as a plethora of toys, comics and collectibles.  A highly-rated Mega Man TV series was popular in the USA in the 1990s and aired for several seasons.

Our only hope is that the show gets cancelled or they drop the project before the first episode.

Cited: Capcom-Unity


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