Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

We will have a new season of Full Metal Panic! I’ve waited a very, very long time to finally be able to say these words with confidence and I loved saying it even more than I could’ve possibly thought. The fact that I can now pour my heart into writing something that interests me more than almost anything in the world is a great feeling also.

The animation will be done by XEBEC Studios and Shouji Gatoh will be handling all of the Full Metal Panic! IV Invisible Victory scripts and it’s set to air in Japan sometime in October of 2017.

Along with the news of a new season of anime goodness, we’re receiving an ongoing audio drama series (though it only seems to be in Japanese with no English subs at the moment) – Dancing Very Merry Christmas of which I can only assume is based on the 6th light novel of the same name. The first audio episode aired December 23rd and the second will air on January 23rd and though reading FMP! Sigma and or the light novels may not be a requirement, it is definitely suggested.

If you would like to check out the 1st audio episode, click here to be taken to Lantis Youtube channel.If you would like to read FMP! Sigma, just click here to be taken to MangaFreak.net. If you would like to read the light novels, click here to get the PDF files. Of course, there’s always buying the books, supporting the people who put the countless hours in to work on them, but there’s always the alternative.

Not too much else is known at this point, but I will try and make it a point to find and post what I can whenever possible.


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