A New Screenshot

What is this? A new screenshot? So what? While I was playing around, scanning through my email to find anything that was worth caring about, I came across an email from Miketend64’s WordPress site titled [New post] Paradise Found (a Breath of the Wild Screenshot). True, it’s just one new screenshot, but it got me thinking. Although this game has had me excited since it was first announced, I haven’t been keeping up with it since my last post! because I have yet to own a Wii U. So I did a little digging (emphasis on little).

This newest screenshot was taken from The Legend of Zelda’s Facebook page and although I don’t agree with TechBuffalo writer Ron Dowell’s assessments of the last couple Zelda games saying, “Breath of the Wild is going to be truly special in the ways that Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword weren’t.” I like the good bit of screenshots he posted as well as some information about IGN Portugal’s interview with Producer Eiji Aonuma about Dual Audio not being an option.

TechBuffalo Article
IGN Portugal’s Eiji Aonuma Interview
NintendoLife Article


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