About SkribbetyPost

You wanted the best, You got the best. The hottest unknown blogger to come out of space since Ace Frehley!  Wait, he plays guitar… whatever.  I’ve started something here that you’re not going to resist. That being said, you should never have thought of resisting in the first place.  So sit down, eat some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and enjoy all that I have to write. And please, for the love of Lemurs; leave comments!

Some knucklehead named Monkeyroach has decided it was a good idea to join me and become the first contributer to Skribbety Post!  He will be along with and introduction as soon Tuesday at the latest.


Liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter would be much appreciated (as every like we get helps tremendously).  Please Tweet/Share Skribbety Post with your friends and spread the word of Skribbety to all you know!


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