I’m sorry I haven’t been very attentive recently.  Started doing other things and I lost track, but I’m back and just wrote an article on the free games you can download for your computer for free, LEGALLY!!! So go check it out @Origin Presents

-Skribbety 4:16 P.M.   5/1/14

I’m going to try changing things around a little. It may fail, and I may have to revert to what the site formerly looked like, but the only way to know is through trying!

-Skribbety 2:07 P.M. 5/15/14

Putting together a list of possible new articles to focus on while trying not to pass out.

-Skribbety 4:17 A.M. 5/31/15


I’ve been playing around with different themes and layouts trying to decide what I like for my return to SkribbetyPost. If you’re visiting the site somewhat frequently and see changes to the layout/theme, this is why.
-Skribbety 4:32 P.M. 5/31/15

I’ve just added a Support page for companies looking to make a difference. If you feel like your company’s making a difference, contact me at Skribbetypost@Gmail.com and I’ll ad you to the list.

-Skribbety 7:15 P.M 6/1/16



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